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Hello students I am Bijoy and welcome to our educational forum. Today we will discuss about the ncert class 10 mathematics syllabus, chapter content etc. and at the end of this page you will get a link that you can download the book in pdf ( in hindi version )  & if you want any other ncert books then please comment.

Q. How to good score in mathematics?

Ans. Students if you want to be expert in mathematics, then you have to follow some simple steps. That you can get a good score in mathematics .First  analysis the whole book deeply and then start studying.

# Now question is how could you do that?

Answer is here first note down the syllabus, then analysis the all chapters and then note down the all topics that covered in the chapters, that is most important for a to a good student in any subject. And last make schedule to cover that topics, time to time with concentration.

Class 10 Math NCERT Book

Now we will discuss syllabus and topics covered in ncert class 10 maths.



Topics covered – Introduction to Real Number, Euclid’s division Lemma and H.C.F, The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Revisiting Irrational Number ( advance to irrational number ), Revisiting Rational Number and Their decimal Expansion, how to find rational and irrational number between two numbers etc. Summery.


Topics covered – Introduction to Polynomials some advance level, Geometrical meaning of the zeroes of a Polynomials, how to find no of zeroes by the graph of y = p(x), Relationship between Zeroes and Coefficients of a polynomial, proving the relationship between the roots and their coefficients, Division Algorithm for polynomials, Condition for factors of given Polynomial, Summery.

Chapter3 – Pair of Linear Equation in Two Variables

Topics Covered – Introduction to Linear Equation in Two Variables ( ax + by = c ), Graphical Method of Solution of a Pair of Linear Equations ( How to solve two equations by graph, finding two parallel lines by the graph ), Algebraic Methods to solve the Linear Equations ( 1. Substitution Method 2. Elimination Method 3. Cross – Multiplication Method ), Separation on pair of equations or Equations reducible to a pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables, Summery.

Chapter4 – Quadratic Equations

Topics Covered – Introduction to Quadratic Equation, Second degrees Polynomial Equation as Quadratic Equation, Study of quadratic equations, Solution of a quadratic Equation by Factorisation or Completing the Square form, Study about their roots, Nature of roots, Summery.

Chapter5 – Arithmetic Progressions

Topics Covered – introduction to Arithmetic Progressions, Study Arithmetic Progressions, Study of nth Term of an AP, Sum of First n terms of an AP, Summery.

Chapter6 – Triangles

Topics Covered – Introduction of Triangles, Study of Similar Figures, Properties of Similarity of Triangles, Criteria to Similarity of Triangles, Area of Similar Triangle as study of application, Pythagoras Theorem and its application, Summery.

Chapter7 – Coordinate Geometry

Topics Covered – Study of Coordinates in quadrant, Distance Formula and its application, Section Formula as an Internally or Externally, Area of a triangle and its application i.e condition of co-linearity, Summery.

Chapter8 – Introduction to Trigonometry

Topics Covered – Introduction to Angles and Study of Angles, Trigonometric Ratios as the Study of sinx, cosx, tanx, cosecx, secx, and cotx, Trigonometric Ratios of some Specific Angles at 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees, Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles as an example cox ( 90 – 30 ) = sin 60, Trigonometric Identities, Summery.

Chapter9 – Some Application of trigonometry

Topics Covered – Introduction as study angle of Elevation and Angle of Depression, an application on Height and Distances, Summery.

Chapter10 – Circles

Topics Covered – Introduction to a Circle, Study of Tangent to a Circle, understanding the Number of Tangents from a Point on a Circle, Summery.

Chapter11 – Construction

Topics Covered – Introduction of some special drawing, Study of drawing of Division of a Line Segment, drawing of Tangents on a Circle, Summery.

Chapter12 – Area Related to Circles

Topics Covered – Introduction as study of circle’s all dimension, Study of Perimeter and Area of a Circle and its application, finding the Sector and Segment of a Circle, Area of Combinations of Plane Figures, summery.

Chapter13 – Surface Area and Volumes

Topics Covered – Introduction of Surface Area and Volumes, Study of Surface Area of Combination of Solids, Study of Conversion of Solid from a given shape to another shape, Study of a Cone, Summery.

Chapter14 – Statistics

Topics Covered – Introduction, Finding Mean mode and Median from a given Grouped data, Representation of Cumulative Frequency Distribution in Graph, Summery.

Chapter15 – Probability

Topics Covered – introduction to Probability, Theoretical study on Probability, Summery.

Download link is given in below  –

Class 10 mathematics book chapter – 1

Class 10 mathematics book chapter – 2

Class 10 mathematics book chapter – 3

Class 10 mathematics book chapter – 4

Class 10 mathematics book chapter – 5

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